How do i validate my domain?

When installing an SSL certificate, the domain needs to be verified. There are currently three available verification methods:

a). Administrator Email: This is done by clicking on the verification link sent by the certificate authority to a generic administrator email account such as;,,, or

b). File Upload: This is done by uploading a “.html” file to the server/account. The filename and contents of the HTML file will be provided by the certificate authority in an email, along with directions.

c). TXT Record: This method of verification can be done by creating an appropriate TXT record in the domain’s DNS. The content of the record will be provided by the certificate authority. 

For each of the above-mentioned methods, an email message will be received from the certificate authority containing all data needed to perform the verification and a special activation link that must be used after applying the required changes on the certified domain. If the verification of the domain is successful, 

If you are experiencing some difficulties with this process, you can contact us via email for further assistance.

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