Organisation Validation SSL certificate

Required documents for Organisational Validation (OV) 

 To establish the existence of an organization, the certificate authority will check the CAC directory website. If the organization is listed in this directory, it will be accepted legally. 

  • If there is no information about the Organisation on the CAC website, CAC registration documents not older than 13 months should be provided. These will include the CAC certificate of incorporation as well as the CAC forms 2 and 7. The CAC forms 2 and 7 are defined as:

    i. CAC Form 2 - Return of Allotment (Post Incorporation) / Statement of Share Capital
    ii. CAC Form 7 - Particulars of Persons Who Are First Directors

  • An individual associated with the organization must be put forward as the applicant. This applicant can be an employee, agent, attorney, consultant, or director.  In all cases, the applicant must provide a valid, government-issued photo ID, specifically; driver’s license (front and rear), international passport, or national ID card issued by NIMC (front and rear). In the case of the national ID card, only the card itself is acceptable, not the slip.

  • A formal introductory or authorization letter from the organization (on the official letterhead) must be provided, stating that the applicant is associated with the organization and has the authority to acquire SSL on their behalf. The letter must include the name of the applicant, his or her relationship with the company (as staff, agent, or attorney) as well as the purpose of the business verification.

  • In all cases, the authorization letter must be signed by a director.
  • The only cases where the authorization letter is not required are when the applicant is a director. In that case, we will need proof of the individual’s status. For example, we will need to see the person listed as a director in the organization’s most recent CAC documents (such as forms 2 and 7), or on the corporate website (only for large organizations such as commercial banks or government MDAs).

  • The applicant will also need to provide a recent utility bill, an invoice, or receipt of a recent payment for a product or service in the company's name (this is to confirm that the company the SSL is been purchased for is still operational).

Documents will be forwarded to the certificate authority for vetting. Once approved, the certificate will be issued within 7days

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