How to report Abuse Issues


At WhoGoHost, we take internet security seriously and we have developed this as a way for abuse over the internet by a domain registered or hosted with us should be reported to avoid the continuous exploitation of innocent users. Complaints such as but not limited to Phishing, Malware, Spamming, Copyright infringement, Trademark infringement, Disputes claim, Fraudulent claim, Defamation, Compromised accounts, Network abuse, Inaccurate Whois, Child abuse, etc can be reported.

To report an abuse issue, you can use our abuse report form or email or call +234 08175401623 stating the domain name(s) involved, and all necessary information or proof such as URL, screenshot, etc, to assist with the investigation of your report.

Upon receipt of the information above, WhoGoHost will investigate and take necessary actions to prevent further damages. While we investigate, we reserve the right to temporarily deny access to or remove the alleged infringing material from our website, or take any other appropriate measure. If the Complaining Party has a legitimate claim, we reserve the right to permanently remove, suspend, deny access to the infringing material or take any other appropriate measure. If there is no legitimate claim, we will immediately restore access to the allegedly infringing material.

Please note that Whogohost cannot act as an arbiter between the complaining party and its client based on allegations of fraud. In cases like this, the complaining party will be required to file a complaint at the police station or through a Law enforcement agency so that the case can be duly investigated.

You can read more about our Trademark/Copyright Infringement Policy via this link

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