How to use Git Version Control to upload files on cPanel

You can upload your files into your cPanel from your Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab Repo. Follow the steps stated to successfully get your files  from Repo to your cPanel

  • Login to your hosting account using your username and password
  • Under the Files section, click on Git Version Control
  • Click on the create button
  • Enable the clone on create option
  • Input into the Clone URL. This is the URL to the git repository you wish to clone to your hosting account
  • Set your repository path to the file path you want the files to be deployed on. E.g /home/username/public_html
  • Input a name for the repository you are adding in the repository name option
  • Click on the create button and the git repository will be cloned to the specified directory.

NOTE: if you want to use Git Version Control, it means SSH access has not been enabled for your account. Kindly send a mail to to request SSH access to your account. 

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