Accessing Terminal on cPanel

Terminal access/ SSH access allows you to access your hosting account and makes it possible to run Linux commands, this comes in very handy for developers in the course of building, setting up, and deploying their applications. You can access SSH for your hosting account in two ways

Via cPanel

  • Login to your hosting account using your username and password.
  • Under the advanced section, click on "Terminal"

This takes you to the terminal page where you can run Linux commands as required.

NOTE: if you do not see the terminal option in your CPanel, it means SSH access has not been enabled for your account. Kindly send a mail to to request SSH access to your account.

Via SSH client

Using Putty SSH Client

  • Open the putty program on your PC
  • Input the hostname: type the hostname of the server
  • Input the port (Your SSH port is 22)
  • Click on Open to connect to your hosting account.
  • Input your username (This should be the username of your hosting account)
  • Type in your password on prompt.

Following these steps, you will be able to access your hosting account via SSH.

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