Setting Up Your Website On MarketGoo SEO Tool For The First Time

To access your marketgoo SEO tool. follow the steps below

  1. Access your Market Goo account in your whogohost client area via any of the ways below
    • Login to your MarketGoo SEO account by clicking the Manage button on the widget of your client area dashboard 

    • Alternatively, from the menu, Go to Services > My Service and click on the MarketGoo product of the domain you want to manage within the list. Then scroll down to the area to manage the MarketGoo service and click on Login to Dashboard button

  2. Click on the Start Now button on the Welcome to Marketgoo page
  3. Choose the main goal of your website
  4. Select your target country by choosing where you want your visitors to come from and click on the continue button to scan the pages of your site and get your progress score.
  5. This shows that your site is ready and you can click on the Start using Marketgoo button to enter into the dashboard

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