MarketGoo Dashboard Explained


  • Score Progress

This section displays the overall score of your website which is calculated using an algorithm that takes into consideration all aspects of your site that influence SEO, which shows a progress score that you can track over time. The higher the score, the better.


  • SEO Progress

This section displays a summary of the current status of your overall marketgoo SEO account and links to the tasks you might need to perform on audit, optimize and increase the popularity of your pages enabling you to dig deeper with prioritizing and understanding what improvements and corrections your website needs as a whole. 

  • Your Site Traffic

This section gives a brief summary of your website ranking through an algorithm that is linked to a search engine based on traffic estimation of your website and its global position based on Alexa rank. We highly recommend that you connect your Google Analytics account to your MarketGoo account for in-depth data analysis as it may take time most especially for new websites before you have enough visitors to display any data.

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, click here to learn how to create one.


  • Search Engine Indexing Status

This section displays how your website is received and your pages have been indexed by the top Search Engines; Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

Do note that for new websites, it will usually take about 8-10 weeks for your site to be found and at least several months for it to improve its ranking.

  • Keywords & Competitors Rankings

This section allows you to view how your site is ranking for your selected keywords with the top 3 search engines as listed above within the last 15 days and up to the last 3 months.

It also enables you to compare your website with your competitors to enable you to plan and strategize your campaigns.

To begin, click on the Configure your keywords button on your dashboard

Audit Your Site

  • Site Review

This section measures your Technical SEO and gives you adequate insight on technical details on your website by letting you know if your site has any “technical issues” that you should be aware of, say, for example, your site's size, speed, redirects, and error pages, among other things that contribute to your visitors' experience. 

If these elements aren't optimized, not only will your visitors leave your page, but your position in search engines will be affected.

  • On-page Optimization

This section analyzes the number of pages on your site and how updated or fresh your site’s content is to help in sending traffic to your website because they act as summaries of your site content, helping your potential visitors to identify what it's about and any issues detected can also be fixed on-demand as it will be displayed here

Also, if you have very little visible content compared to the amount of code, or don’t have a blog, it is harder for the search engine to recognize it as a useful or credible site.

  • Mobile

This section shows how fast your site loads on a mobile device and tells you what you can do to make it load faster. It also alerts you with issues to access on a mobile site and helps you fix them on demand.

With the current SEO trends, it is true that most searches are done from mobile devices, so it is extremely important that your site is optimized for phones and tablets. For a website to be labeled as responsive, MarketGoo checks that the website fits within a range of 340/360 pixels wide window.

Optimize your Pages

  • On-Page Optimization Tool

This section allows you to optimize individual pages by monitoring how each page of your website is doing while you track with a keyword and monitor the progress of that page on search engines, thereby making your webpage friendlier and easier for search engines to access in order to increase your rankings over time.

Increase your Popularity

  • Backlinks

This section measures your popularity, which is the number of links pointing to your website. This is also known as Backlinks. The more links, the more credible your website is. Marketgoo SEO Tool analyses the number of links and tells you how you can increase them.

The more backlinks you have linking to your site, the higher it will rank with search engines, that is why it is important to work on increasing the popularity of your site.

To learn how to add a new page for optimization, click here

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