How do I make a hosting account an addon hosting on another hosting account ?

In this tutorial, we will migrate the hosting of accountA and add it as an addon on the hosting of accountB.

Note: accountA and accountB are the Cpanel usernames of the respective hosting accounts.



  1. Ensure you take an archive of each email account from Outlook OR
  2. Ensure you set up each email accounts with IMAP so you have a copy of your emails downloaded on outlook because these steps does not include email migrations.


STEP 1: Log into the hosting of accountA and take a full account backup and move it out of the hosting account, preferably on your local system

  • To take a full backup of your account, in your Cpanel, search for backup and click on download a full account backup

  • Right-click on the created backup file and click on the download button to download it on your local system.

STEP 2: Request to terminate the hosting of accountA so you can add it as an addon on the hosting of account B without issues. 

  • To terminate the account, please send an email to requesting for the termination of the hosting of accountA

STEP 3: Login to the hosting of accountB, search for addon domains and create an addon with the domain name that was attached to the hosting of accountA. Click here to learn how.

STEP 4: On the addon domains interface,

  • Click on the directory of the addon created, which would come in this format: "/public_html/" as shown in the image below

  • Proceed to upload the backed up file of the hosting of accountA into the created addon directory on the hosting of accountB

STEP 5. To upload the backup taken from the hosting of accountA, use the upload button in the Cpanel interface as seen in the image below

Alternatively, you can download the Filezilla app and use it to copy the backup file to the hosting of accountB

STEP 6. Once the backup file has been uploaded, extract the backup and copy the content of the home directory of the hosting of accountA from the extracted backup directory (accountA/homedir/public_html) into the addon directory "/public_html/".

  • To extract the file, once it has been uploaded, right-click on the file and click on extract

STEP 7. To access the database files, in the folder for the files extracted(accountA/), go to the folder named Mysql and download your database files to your local system, they are usually with the .sql extension

  • In your Cpanel, search and go to Mysql databases and create the database, the database user, and assign the user to the database and using the right password.
  • Once that has been done, search and go to Phpmyadmin and import the database file
  • To import, in the PHPMyAdmin interface, on the dashboard, Click on import:

  • Choose the file you want to upload and click on Go.

STEP 8.  Once the import has been completed, check the database to ensure that all is well i.e the database name, user and password are all correct and all database tables have been imported.

STEP 9. Make necessary changes to the database configuration for your website.

STEP 10. Confirm that your website loads fine

STEP 11. Recreate the existing email accounts that were on the hosting of accountA on accountB and Reconfigure your email client(outlook) using IMAP and ensure it is set to keep a copy on the server and on outlook so that the old emails are imported back to the newly created email accounts on accountB. Click here to learn how to create email accounts for an addon

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