Why You Should Not Allow Your Domain To Expire

The domain name should not be allowed to expire before renewing it. This would disrupt your services such as access to your website and email services.

  • An expired domain may show an advertisement page as the page content. If you eventually renew such domain names, it will take days for it to propagate and load.
  • All services associated with the domain name (eg. DNS, website, emails) will automatically not be available.
  • Some domain extensions cannot be renewed once they expire
  • Some domain extensions have less than 29 days grace period (renewal period) renew it at the regular price.
  • Some domain extensions have a 30 to 40-day grace period after expiration. This is referred to as the redemption period, but it may cost as much as N180,000 or more depending on the domain extension.

If your domain is still not renewed after the redemption period, it then enters into a pending delete period of 5 to 7 days. At this stage, you can no longer renew it and you risk losing the domain to another buyer. it will be available for fresh registration.

Watch the video here to see what will happen if you forget to renew your domain name

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